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  • Professional Services covered include:
    • Property & Casualty
    • Life
    • Accident & Health products
    • Insurance based risk management consultant or advisor
    • Insurance expert witness
    • Instructor of insurance subjects
    • A board member of a nonprofit insurance professional association

  • Full Prior Acts*

  • Punitive Damages coverage, where allowed by law

  • Carrier Insolvency coverage*

  • Insured vs. Insured coverage for personal lines placements

  • Automatic coverage for exclusive independent contractors

  • A broad definition of Insured includes former insureds and members or managers (of a limited liability company)
  • Defense Costs in addition to limits of liability

  • First Dollar Defense*

  • Consent to settle clause

  • Will defend a claim based upon a dishonest, fraudulent, criminal, malicious, or knowingly wrongful act until it has been proven; innocent insureds are covered

  • Supplemental Payments made in addition to the limits are not subject to the policy deductible

  • Advertising Injury coverage & Personal Injury coverage

  • Access to risk-free hotline to discuss an occurence with a Claims Specialist

  • Credit given for attendance at PIA E&O Seminars or similar E&O course work
      * Subject to Carrier & underwriting approval.

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Fax or e-mail your expiring renewal application to us. We have carriers that will provide a bindable quote from the information submitted on particular carrier's applications.

For additonal information, please contact our E&O Lady:

Theresa Neff, CISR, CPIA
Toll-Free Direct Line: 866-791-2805
Local Direct Line: 423-648-0254
Toll-Free Fax: 866-791-2806

E-mail: TheresaN@assoc-admin.com


  1. Not all carriers are available in all states.
  2. We are not licensed to do business in all states. Please check with us before proceeding with an application submission.

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