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ID Theft Assist

Why IPSCO ID Theft Assist is the premier identity recovery system (with a great annual premium of $121 for Single or Family):

Platinum Service
Typical Competing Restoration Programs
Family Coverage Most
Time to activate recovery plan Within minutes of 1st call Most (1-3 Days)
Pre-incident E-Mail Alert Credit Monitoring
Obtain Real-Time Credit Report
Needs Assessment Most
ID Theft Affidavit Submission
Report Fraud to Creditor Most
File Criminal Report Few
Forward Criminal Report to Creditors
Credit & Charge Card Replacement Most
Cancel Checks / ATM Cards / Other Banking Tools Some
Report Fraud to Social Security Administration Some
Assistance with Identification Replacement Few
Postal Inspector Notification Most
Creditor Fraud Department Notification Some
Place Fraud Alerts with Credit Reporting Agencies
Assist with Obtaining Credit Report
Provide ID Theft Response Kit Most
Worldwide Language translation Service
Cash Advance
Free Initial Legal Consultation
Legal Needs Discount
Unlimited Phone Emotional Support
In-Person Emotional Trauma Support
Worldwide (Representatives in over 200 countries)

Very reasonable annual premium for Single or Family coverage - $121

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