Introducing Direct Reimbursement/Direct AssignmentDirect Reimbursement/Direct Assignment is a simple, innovative, cost-effective dental plan where everyone in the company can benefit. When you're the benefits decision-maker, it's important to understand why Direct Reimbursement/ Direct Assignment (DR/DA) is the dental benefits plan for smart companies.

The American Dental Association, AAO, Tennessee Dental Association and IPSCO strongly support Direct Reimbursement/Direct Assignment, the dental profession's preferred method for financing dental treatment, for two reasons. It provides:

  • Freedom of choice
  • Fee-for-service dentistry
  • Plan costs are based on actual dental expenses incurred, not on premium payments by employer/participant regardless of use of service
  • Employer and employees find the plan easy to understand and easy to use
  • Fosters efficient consumer-driven dental care planning
  • Employer dollars stay at home and can earn interest

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